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      Baltic Amber Bracelet- Style 14

      Everything You Need to Know About Baltic Amber

      There are so many different natural, organic substances out there, and many have unique qualities that could be beneficial to you! Some are energy-boosting and meant to be eaten, while others help with body aches but are intended to be used topically. One of our favorite substances is Baltic amber.

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      Faux Ivory Maui Fish Hook

      Our Top Four Hand-Carved Fish Hook Gift Ideas

      Hawaiian hand-carved hooks are one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts you can give. Often thought of as a symbol of energy, strength, prosperity, abundance, or good luck, these hand-carved hooks are customizable to the person wearing them. Finding the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love is just a matter of research. Because these handcrafted fish hooks can be made out of various natural and composite materials, the possibilities are endless!

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      Tropical earring as a Hawaiian gift

      Five Unique Hawaiian Gifts for Everyone on Your List

      Traditional Hawaiian gifts represent the true beauty of the islands and are inspired by the rich history and culture of Hawaii. Whether you’re visiting the Hawaiian Islands in person or dreaming of Maui, picking out unique gifts for those you love spreads the treasured “aloha spirit” to friends and family.

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      scrimshaw turtles

      Let’s Talk About Scrimshaw

      Carving - it’s something we’ve all done at one time or another. Maybe you’ve carved a spooky face into a pumpkin, your initials into a tree trunk, or (if you’re really crafty) an owl into a stump. These are all common practices, but have you ever seen carved ivory or bone? It sounds alarming, but it’s not! The act is called scrimshaw, and in fact, it’s quite beautiful.

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      shark tooth necklace pendant

      Our Top 5 Unique Jewelry Gifts

      Nowadays, jewelry is made with a simple touch. We are firm believers in making a statement with your accessories! Rather than getting stuck in the rut of gifting someone an everyday, gold necklace or something similar, we have five unique gifts for the jewelry lover in your life.

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