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      Pebbles and Palm Stones

      Every beautiful crystal collection has its fair share of shapes and sizes, and none would be complete without pebbles and palm stones. With a never-ending rotation in our stock, our palm stone and pebble collection features various essential crystals. Whether you’re stocking up on rose quartz stones or searching for a polished tiger eye, we have it all.

      The best part about smaller healing stones is, of course, the size! Pebble healing stones are around 1 inch in diameter, making them perfect pocket-sized crystals for bringing on the go. Palm stones are cut with care and designed to nestle into the palm of your hand as you meditate or charge your chakras. Our high-quality healing stones are sourced from around the globe to give you the most beautiful piece possible. 

      Many people believe that touching a crystal, whether holding it in your palm or placing it on your body, helps you to directly align your spirit with your intention. Rather than just admiring your stunning assortment of healing stones from afar, hold your pebbles or palm stones to help deepen your connection with the crystal’s energy. Bring these wherever you go or place specific pebbles along your body to support your spiritual journey. 

      Bring home beautiful pebbles or palm stones to add to your collection of healing crystals with a special piece from Whaler’s Locker today.