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      Amber Bracelets

      If you’re searching for colorful and fascinating jewelry to add to your collection, consider a stunning amber bracelet. Baltic amber is made from the fossilized tree sap of ancient conifer, coming in a rainbow of over 200 colors. Whaler’s Locker is dedicated to providing carefully curated pieces you’ll fall in love with, and our Baltic amber bracelets with sterling silver are some of our favorites.

      Every item in our amber bracelet collection is part of a constantly rotating stock. Each stone set in the bracelet chain is beautifully polished to give a stunning shine, coming in different warm tones, from bright yellows to deep cherry reds to caramel-orange butterscotch. The sterling silver used in the settings and clasps is made to last you a lifetime. When you add one of our one-of-a-kind amber bracelets to your collection, you will receive the exact amber bracelet pictured. 

      Baltic amber bracelets are not just a stylish accessory—many people wear them to harness the believed healing properties the stone gives. With a high level of succinic acid, amber is thought to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling. On top of that, Baltic amber jewelry has been worn and carried for centuries to bring good luck to the wearer. If you’re looking for a jewelry gift that is equally meaningful and beautiful, amber bracelets are for you.

      Feel your best self with a gorgeous Baltic amber bracelet from our collection—you won’t regret it!