Due to the catastrophic fires in Lahaina on August 8th, we lost our shop on Front Street. We will be operating through our online store for the time being. Be patient with us as we restock our site. Shipping times will take a little longer than normal. Love you all and appreciate all the Aloha and support.
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      Our Trilobite Collection offers you a glimpse back in time before the Permian mass extinction eliminated many of the species on the earth. Our trilobite fossils represent the world as it was over 500 million years ago. Due to their hard exoskeleton, trilobites have survived in fossil form to educate us about the land during their time and make a perfect addition to any fossil collection.

      Trilobite fossils can be found all over the world, but our high-quality specimens were sourced from Morocco. The history buff in your life will be thrilled with this gift, or you can add it to your own collection. This extinct arthropod species makes an incredible conversation starter, so study up on the middle Devonian age, the time when this species was most prevalent! 

      The larger specimens are presented in the original matrix. Our largest trilobite measures 52mm and the whole piece is 4” long. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and you receive the exact one pictured.

      Bring home one of our beautiful marine specimens from Morocco – a trilobite makes an eye-catching addition to any collection!