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      Open your heart to the healing properties of the selenite crystal. A beautifully crystallized form of gypsum, selenite properties for healing include good luck and protection. Many believe that this healing crystal can also clear and open chakras with its strong vibration. If you feel a heaviness or undesirable weight in your energy, selenite may be the healing crystal for you. Our light, white selenite allows for new and joyous energy, hand-carved and polished into a heart shape. 

      Selenite crystal can be found worldwide, and the beautiful crystals at Whaler’s Locker were sourced in Morocco. The selenite crystal was named after the Greek goddess of the moon upon its discovery in 1747. With deep roots in Greek mythology, the pale crystal was named in honor of Selene and, in so doing, evokes the energy of the divine feminine. Though feminine in origin, the deep selenite properties of rejuvenation make this healing crystal powerful for anyone who desires a new flow of energy. 

      Whether you choose to hold this stone close or display it in an area of your house that needs positive energy, the healing strength of selenite properties is known to restore rejuvenating vibration. Bring an abundance of light, clarity, and calm to your mind, and welcome the uplifting energy of selenite crystal to your life. Each hand-carved and polished white crystal is unique, and the one you receive will be similar to the one pictured.

      Bring calm, rejuvenating energy to any space with the vibrations of our selenite crystal.