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      Worry Stones

      Calm your anxiety and soothe your soul with one of the stabilizing stones in our Worry Stone Collection. Worry stones have been used for centuries to reduce stress and ease negative thoughts. Each rubbing stone has a smooth, indented surface that helps you put your mind at rest. Promote healing and balance for yourself or as a gift to someone who is open to the natural qualities of a worry stone.

      Whaler’s Locker sources stones with unique characteristics and beauty. Every worry stone is sourced for its color, clarity, and ability to soothe your anxiety and dispel irritable moods. Rubbing rocks have long been recognized by ancient cultures, and our stones come from all over the world, including Afghanistan.

      Our worry stones bring healing and beauty to all who hold them. Each stone reflects deep color and powerful crystal inclusions that make them unique. From the earthy brown of Mookaite Jasper to the cool, calming pink of Rose Quartz, our worry stones are lovingly and intuitively picked just for you. Due to the natural variations in each stone, your stone will look similar to the ones pictured but have characteristics unlike any others.

      Bring positivity into your life or compassionately gift peace of mind with any rubbing rock in our stunning collection of worry stones.