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      Three Pair of Banded Agate Drop Earrings on Table

      7 Types of Meaningful Hawaiian Jewelry

      Hawaiian jewelry takes inspiration from the myths and beauty of the island to create long-lasting souvenirs you’ll wear for years to come. From finding gemstone and sterling silver jewelry and harnessing its healing benefits to rocking a shark tooth jewelry design year-round, everyone should invest in real Hawaii gifts.

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      Person Holding Three Coconut Bead Necklaces with Fossil Shark Teeth

      Make A Statement with Shark Teeth

      A shark’s mouth can hold up to 3,000 teeth at a time, meaning they lose about 35,000 over their lifetime. This quick rotation of teeth provides a treasure trove of statement pieces for us land dwellers to wear and display. Choose your preferred statement piece and proudly show your connection to the fierce predator of the sea.

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      Lapis Lazuli Worry Stones on Palm Leaf

      Unlocking the Power of Worry Stones

      A worry stone is a smooth, small pebble with a thumb indention. This healing crystal is also called a pocket stone, thumb stone, or rubbing rock. They can be naturally occurring stones or carved from precious crystals known for their healing properties.

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      Lahaina Whaling Days Scrimshaw by Ray Peters

      Hawaiian Gifts for Everyone on Your List

      When on vacation, consider getting local gifts that signify your feelings and your trip at the same time. Hawaiian gifts that are made in Hawaii are culturally significant, beautiful, and meaningful.

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      Smoky Quartz Bowl with Three Palm Stone Healing Crystals in the Sun

      Choosing the Right Quartz Healing Crystals

      Quartz healing crystals are a great place to start if you are just beginning your journey into healing stones. Whether you are going on looks alone or you have determined you need to counteract negativity with self-love or focus, these crystals will connect you to the earth and improve your life.

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