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      What Scrimshaw Represents

      Unless you're familiar with traditional American folk art, you probably have no idea what the term scrimshaw means. We can assure you, though, that if that's the case, you're missing out on a ton of unique gifts! This blog will explain the history of scrimshaw, how it's become a popular option for Hawaiian gifts, and what makes these unique gifts something to celebrate both as an art form and as a cultural tradition.

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      The Best Selection of Hawaiian Knives

      Our collection of scrimshaw knives is not only an eye-catching treasure but a piece that comes with a story to tell. Imagine handing a loved one a gift that comes with a fascinating history. A little bit of Hawaii that will provide memories for years to come. It’s simply priceless.

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      Five Unique Scrimshaw Gifts

      Are you looking for unique gifts for your loved ones but can’t seem to find something special enough? Look no further than Whaler's Locker! We're pleased to have a collection of artifacts, jewelry, and other unique gifts available both online and in-person at our Maui location.

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      Hawaiian Wood Gifts They’ll Love

      If you’re planning to visit the island of Maui or have found us online while browsing for unique gifts, your search is complete. While there are many trinkets and souvenirs around the Hawaiian Islands, you haven’t found the perfect Hawaiian gift until you’ve laid eyes on our collection of Hawaiian wood treasures.

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