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      Top 5 Butterfly Wing Jewelry Pieces

      In different cultures around the world, the butterfly represents a relationship to the human soul and also is a symbol of resurrection. No matter its meaning to you, or even if you love butterflies, butterfly wing jewelry gifts from Whaler’s Locker provide an instant, lifelong connection to the freedom and beauty of Hawaii.

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      All About Fossils: Shark Teeth, Dinosaur Sculptures, and so Much More!

      Earth formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago, and with it came many organisms that walked, crawled and swam across it millions and millions of years before humans. But, thanks to fossils and the work of scientists and paleontologists, we're able to see what Earth was like in the very beginning.

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      Top Ten Authentic Fossil Gifts to Give

      Whether you're sending a gift near or far, when it arrives in the hands of a loved one, you want it to be memorable and authentic. In Hawaii, the ancient creatures of the ocean inspire us. The mementos they left behind help us remember where we've come from, and perhaps to peer around the corner to where we're going. 

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      Knives to Last a Lifetime: A Steve Nolte Knives Feature

      If you’re an avid collector of knives and want a truly unique piece, a Damascus knife is one of the most unique on the market, thanks to the one-of-a-kind process that it takes to craft the mottled steel for each blade.

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      Three Fish Hooks You will Love

      Whether you are on the hunt for beautiful and unique Hawaiian gifts for loved ones, or you’re taking an opportunity to spoil yourself with your very own Maui hook pendant necklace, you’re sure to find the perfect piece at Whaler’s Locker. Our creative fish hooks and other pendants are crafted out of one of a kind, quality materials that make our products stand apart from the rest.

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