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      Baltic amber healing crystal

      Baltic Amber: How to Spot a Fake

      Baltic amber is not your typical gemstone. Some would argue it is not one at all since it is technically organic material—it is a mixture of fossilized tree resin, succinic acid, and oils. For the purposes of this feature though, we will certainly consider it a gemstone because to us, Baltic amber is certainly a gem! 

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      Hollardrops Trilobite Fossil held in front of ocean

      Fossils: Everything You Need to Know

      Ever find yourself fascinated by fossils? Curious about the mosquito fossil in amber perched at the top of John Hammond’s cane in Jurassic Park? Swooning over the dragonfly fossil in amber presented to Claire Fraser by Hugh Munro in the dreamy hit television show Outlander? Perhaps, despite being mesmerized, you wonder exactly what is a fossil and where do they come from?

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      Lady standing in front of waterfall coming from black stone

      Maui's Marvelous History

      When you're vacationing in Hawaii, or even just fantasizing that you are, you're bound to come across some pretty unique Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs. One of the Hawaiian islands, Maui, is known for its significant impact on the state's culture and transformation as a whole. 

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      Pink, green, blue, and black tourmaline

      Benefits of Tourmaline in Your Everyday Life

      Tourmaline is a gemstone associated with protection, grounding, health, happiness, and positivity. It is available in various uplifting colors and its clarity is nearly as good as diamonds. Black Tourmaline is considered the most powerful healing crystal by many and is one of the only gemstones that protects and heals.

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