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Come see us at our Kaanapali Popup shops! You'll find us along the beach walk from 9am to 2 pm on Wednesdays in front of the Honua Kai and Thursdays in front of the Hyatt Regency.
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      Advance Wildlife Education

      The goal of Advance Wildlife Education is to foster outreach and knowledge about endangered wildlife. AWE offers educational items and apparel to the public, aiming to enhance environmental consciousness and backing community-based conservation groups.

      A local Maui small business, Advance Wildlife Education was first founded by Che Frausto, a wildlife biologist and illustrator on Maui in 2016. He was inspired after leading an outreach event held at a local seabird colony. People saw holes in the sand and thought they were dug by rats and mongoose.  They would put trash inside them or even collapse the burrows. However once he told them that they were dug by native seabirds, they got really excited and wanted to help protect them. 

      That's when he realized that people want to help, but they cannot protect what they do not know exists. Che started Advance Wildlife Education LLC in May 2016. He wanted to do more to help so he combined his passion for wildlife and art in order to form a bridge between the community and conservation non-profits by creating these wildlife educational coloring books. 

      Hawaiʻi is the extinction capital of the world – here we have more endangered species per square mile than anywhere else in the world. By purchasing products by Che, you are supporting native Hawaiian species and the people who are determined to protect them! You are helping invest in a brighter tomorrow for these endangered animals.

      Find out more about Che Frausto and Advance Wildlife Education by checking out his website and following his instagram.