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      Honor the hero within you with the healing properties of sodalite. Considered a guardian for those speaking truth to power, sodalite crystal healing stones are believed to inspire the uniting of logic with intuition. The healing properties of this crystal are connected to calming the heart so its holder can achieve inner peace. Long used to organize the mind, sodalite healing properties also promote rational thought, objectivity, and perception. 

      Whaler’s Locker sodalite crystals are chosen for their deep beauty and unique characteristics. Known for its peaceful blue color, the healing crystal was originally discovered in Greenland. Our healing blue sodalite is found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Greenland, Canada, and within the United States in Maine and Arkansas.

      Our healing crystals make beautiful gifts – for yourself or someone you care about. The sodalite crystal is a good friend to those in need of emotional care. Also known as the Thinker’s Stone, sodalite's healing properties include emotional balance and calm thought, making it a powerful healing stone for anyone who holds the crystal. These sodalite crystal pebbles have natural variations in color and pattern. The sodalite crystal you order will look like the ones pictured, yet beautifully different and chosen intuitively for you.

      Bring beauty and power into any room with the healing properties of our Blue Sodalite pebbles.