Due to the catastrophic fires in Lahaina on August 8th, we lost our shop on Front Street. We will be operating through our online store for the time being. Be patient with us as we restock our site. Shipping times will take a little longer than normal. Love you all and appreciate all the Aloha and support.
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      Gemstone Pendants

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      At Whaler’s Locker, we search the world to find pendants that feature unique and prized gemstones with deeper meaning. Our turquoise gemstones are mined high in the Himalayas, while the boulder opals are found only in Queensland, Australia. Each stone is believed to represent a pure energy, bringing protection and good luck. 

      Each gemstone silver pendant is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and designed to enhance the natural beauty of each stone. Whether you prefer the darker tone of the boulder opal or the blue-green coloring of the turquoise gemstones, each pendant will be a prized piece in any jewelry collection. These gemstone silver pendants are worn by locals for good luck and shared with visitors so they can bring the magic home from the Hawaiian Islands.

      Every gemstone is unique, and you will receive the exact piece pictured. The highly prized turquoise stones feature marbling and streaks, with varying shades of turquoise and green. Each rich brown boulder opal boasts sparkling veins of color with different colors of the rainbow swirled within the cocoa brown ironstone matrix.

      Bring home the energy of Hawaii with gemstone silver pendants from Whaler’s Locker.