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      Amber Earrings

      You may have thought Baltic amber was a rock or a healing crystal due to its known healing properties. While Baltic amber is known to relieve pain by reducing inflammation, it’s actually a fossil. Baltic amber comes from the sap from conifer trees that grew 40-60 million years ago in the Baltic region. The sap contains succinic acid, which is said to possess healing properties for the Baltic amber earring wearer.

      Whaler's Locker features various stunning Baltic amber earring designs, each showcasing nature's natural beauty and the test of time. Whether you're only shopping for earrings or creating a unique set of Baltic amber pieces, Whaler's Locker has the selection you need to find stunning designs you'll love for decades.

      Add a unique design to your jewelry collection with our Baltic amber earring styles. If you prefer stud earrings, we have a large selection of various colors of Baltic amber. We also carry a selection of Baltic amber dangle earrings in a variety of hues. With a large selection of shapes and styles, you’ll find Baltic amber earrings for you.

      Browse our selection of Baltic amber earrings that’ll go with your wardrobe!