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      Pocket Knives

      Small, sleek, and perfect for on-the-go travels, pocketknives are a common accessory for people worldwide. Whether you’re cutting yarn while knitting or roughing it on a camping trip in the woods for a weekend, a pocketknife is an incredibly useful tool to have on hand. So why settle for anything less than exceptional? Luckily, with our vast selection of pocketknives at Whaler’s Locker, you won’t have to. 

      We’ve made sure that each of our pocketknives combines the functionality of traditional designs with artistic illustrations and ornamentation to create a masterpiece you’ll love for years to come. Browse different styles, from folding Damascus steel to multi-use rigging tool knives and more. When you find one with a classic scrimshaw engraving that resonates, whether it be a beautiful mermaid or salty sea turtle, the pocketknife can hold greater meaning when you wield it.

      A pocketknife can be a great gift for any loved one. Pocketknives can be vital in all sorts of tasks, from the mundane activity of opening a letter to learning the art of whittling, making them the perfect present for people from all walks of life. Celebrate a younger family member’s birthday with a small pocketknife to commemorate their entrance into adulthood. Wrap a stylish handled knife for a holiday present for your outdoorsy friends. The list could go on! 

      Explore the versatility within our pocketknife collection—we promise you won’t be disappointed!