Due to the catastrophic fires in Lahaina on August 8th, we lost our shop on Front Street. We will be operating through our online store for the time being. Be patient with us as we restock our site. Shipping times will take a little longer than normal. Love you all and appreciate all the Aloha and support.
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      Agate is the banded variety of chalcedony and is available in a wide variety of colors. Our beautiful, banded agate is offered in egg and sphere shapes to showcase the complex beauty of the agate rock. This banded formation takes over 50 million years to form and does so one layer at a time. Forming inside the cavities of igneous or metamorphic rock, agate stone becomes a striking gemstone that must be included in any collection. 

      Our banded agate eggs are sourced in Madagascar. Known for its colorful, banded patterns and wide range of hues, the agate crystal is believed to transform negative energy into positive vibes. The agate stone brings secure and safe energy to any space, healing inner anger and anxiety and helping in the strengthening of relationships.

      Both our egg- and sphere-shaped agate rocks come with an acrylic ring for display in your home or office. This semi-precious gem brings additional interest to any collection of healing stones or stands alone with its beautiful shimmer, alternating layers of chalcedony and crystalline quartz forming the unique bands. Select the agate stone of your choice and receive the exact one pictured.

      Transform the energy of your home or office with the positive vibrations of our banded agate stone.