Due to the catastrophic fires in Lahaina on August 8th, we lost our shop on Front Street. We will be operating through our online store for the time being. Be patient with us as we restock our site. Shipping times will take a little longer than normal. Love you all and appreciate all the Aloha and support.
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      Chrysoprase is a form of chalcedony that includes a small amount of nickel. Its beautiful tones of green can run from bright apple to deeper shades, making it a desirable addition to any space. Chrysoprase stone owes its stunning color to the trace amount of nickel compounds that form as very small inclusions, altering the color from stone to stone.

      Our chrysoprase stones are sourced in Madagascar. Each stone is believed to encourage non-judgmental attitudes and help you avoid speaking out in anger. Place the chrysoprase stone in your home to help heal a broken heart, boost self-esteem, and foster acceptance of change and tolerance for others. At work, display your chrysoprase to attract abundance and success in new ventures. 

      When you order the chrysoprase egg, the exact one pictured is shipped to you. We include an acrylic ring so you can display your stone immediately and receive the benefits of its strength and beauty. The chrysoprase stone is believed to be one of the best antidepressants in the world of crystal healing. Buy one for yourself and as a gift for a friend to help promote feelings of optimism, joy, and happiness.

      Build a collection or enhance your space with the beauty and positivity found in a chrysoprase stone from Whaler’s Locker.