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      Water Buffalo Bracelets

      Bring sustainability and beauty to your jewelry with Whaler's Locker's hand carved water buffalo horn cuffs and bangles.

      Our ethically sourced, rich, multi-colored Water Buffalo Bracelets are reminiscent of vintage jewelry and accessories made from tortoise shell from its similar colors and mottled patterns. Tortoise shell has long been a protected material and illegal to trade, but water buffalo horn is a great way to capture the classic look of tortoise shell with a far more sustainable material. Water buffalos are one of the most common animals in the world so, as a byproduct, the horn offers a stainable option for handcrafted pieces of wearable, natural art. Upgrade your accessories with Whaler's Locker's collection of Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry today!

      Support sustainability and the arts with all types of ethically sourced Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry from Whaler's Locker.  We carry all kinds of fabulous water buffalo pieces including earringsnecklaces and hair accessories. Check out our entire collection of water buffalo jewelry and accessories if you love the look of this timeless esthetic.

      Size Guide:

      Size your cuff and bangles to fit snuggly.

      1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper.

      2. The measurement will be different for different types of bracelets;

      CUFF: Wrap your measuring tool around the wrist you will wear the braceletMark the place where your measuring tool joins. This is the exact circumference of your wrist.

      BANGLE: Tuck your thumb into your palm, as if you were sliding the bangle on, and measure around the widest point of your palm across your knuckleMark the place where your measuring tool joins. This is your exact hand circumference/size.

      3. Lay your string or paper on a flat surface and with a ruler measure the length up to your mark.

      4. Get yourself a stellar bracelet!