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      Quartz Crystals

      Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, and whether you’re looking for a darker, smoky quartz or a romantic rose quartz, we have it all. Introduce quartz crystals into your healing stone collection to amplify the spiritual properties of the other gemstones and find balance in your life. Browse our collection to find the perfect size and style of quartz crystal for your needs. 

      Thanks to natural and beautiful impurities, no two quartz crystals are exactly alike. Whaler’s Locker supplies countless styles and hues, from the delicately light pink rose quartz pebbles to rich, brown, smoky quartz hearts. From palm stones to polished eggs to pebbles and more, you can choose any size from our rotating collection to suit your needs.

      If you want to grow spiritually, look into the amazing benefits of healing quartz crystals. Clear quartz crystals are believed to balance and cleanse spiritual blockages and bring clarity to emotional turmoil. Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, opening the heart and promoting love and passion in all forms of relationships. Smoky quartz is revered for protecting against negativity and fear. Explore the countless ways crystal quartz is believed to help and transform your inner self. 

      Discover different colors and shapes of healing quartz crystals and find one you love today.