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      Carnelian is thought to be named after the red-orange Kornel cherry. Carnelian was believed to be a stone of courage by the Romans, able to shore up confidence and strength. Many believe the carnelian stone has stabilizing properties, restoring vitality, confidence, and creativity. It is also known to aid in overcoming abuse, making carnelian a powerful healing crystal for any space.  

      At Whaler’s Locker, we source our carnelian crystal from Madagascar. This healing stone has been recognized throughout the ages for its powerful properties. In ancient Egypt, they placed the stones on mummies in hopes that they’d offer assistance to the dead in their journey to the afterlife. Architects to the pharaohs wore carnelian to signify rank and status, and in the Middle Ages, carnelian was used by alchemists when boiling stones to release the energy of other gemstones.

      Our bold orange, fiery-colored carnelian stones are as beautiful as they are unique. Each of our egg-shaped stones comes with an acrylic ring for display, and you receive the exact egg pictured. Don’t leave this site without purchasing an egg that’s available because when it's gone, its rare strength belongs to someone else.

      Bring home the engaging and powerful energy of the carnelian stone to stabilize your space.