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      baltic amber necklaces hanging

      Fun Jewelry to Accessorize With

      Dressing up to take on the town is so much fun, but finding the right jewelry to go with your outfit can be a struggle. Thankfully, the team at Whaler's Locker has created a list of our top five favorite pieces of jewelry to accessorize with!

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        What is Paleoart?

        Paleoart is a genre of art in which the artist depicts prehistoric life based on scientific evidence. Consider for a second - what does a Tyrannosaurus Rex look like? Now consider that all the images we have of dinosaurs - unless of just the skeletal system, are the work of paleoartists. No one on this Earth has seen a real live dinosaur. No one on this Earth has seen an actual picture of a dinosaur. All we have to work with are fossils and other scientific evidence; paleoartists have done the rest. After all, dinosaurs roamed the Earth between 245 and 66 million years ago, in a period known as the Mesozoic era. The earliest humans appeared just five to seven million years ago.

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        Our Top 8 Shark Tooth Pendants and Fossils

        We have shark teeth for the collector, enthusiast, or anyone with an appreciation for unique and historical pieces. These pieces serve as a record of existence for these now-extinct animals.

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        The Top Five Places to Visit in Lahaina

        Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii is home to Whaler’s Locker, your favorite Hawaiian shop. Lahaina is a historic Hawaiian village on the west side of Maui. In the early nineteenth century, Lahaina was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and during the whaling boom in the mid-1800s, Lahaina was home to whalers from around the world.

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