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      Healing Crystals

      Since the beginning of time, we have been using stones to cure what ails us. These gifts from Mother Earth have properties that naturally reduce negativity and generate positivity, eliminate anxiety and increase calmness, and decrease depression and radiate joy. Healing crystals bridge our natural connection to the earth and aid us in matching our vibrations with the things we want to manifest in our lives.

      Whaler’s Locker sources high-quality healing crystals that are as beautiful as they are powerful. Presented as loose stones or featured in jewelry, these healing crystals are the perfect addition to any collection or the beginning of one.

      Manifest all the good things and create the vibrations that bring you joy! Unless specified, the healing crystals pictured are an example of the stone you may receive – variations in each stone are unique, so you will receive one chosen at random that is similar to the one pictured.