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      Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants

      If you've explored the idea of shark tooth pendant necklaces before but haven't found the necklace that speaks to you, look no further. Our collection of shark tooth pendant necklaces offers customers the ability to create a custom piece that is everything they want and more.

      Choose from fossilized mako shark pendants, Megalodon pendants, fossilized great white shark teeth pendants, and more. Shark tooth pendants are offered at a variety of price points, giving everyone the ability to customize the piece they've been dreaming of. We also offer shark tooth necklaces in a variety of sizes and designs.

      When it comes to shark tooth necklaces, find the pendant design that’s perfect for you. We have 2-inch shark teeth and smaller half-inch shark teeth. Choose a pendant that features silver or gold or comes complete with a necklace.

      Every specimen is one-of-a-kind, so check back frequently to see what new and exciting options we've added!