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      Maui Fish Hook - Hawaiian Mouflon Sheep

      What Is the Significance of Maui Hook Necklaces?

      Here at Whaler’s Locker, we’ve proudly served Maui and the Lahaina community since 1971. From shark tooth necklaces, Maui fish hooks, hand-crafted knives, scrimshaw artwork, and tons of other unique gifts, we believe we have a little aloha spirit for everyone that walks through our doors. We're excited to take our collection online, shipping to all 50 states! Contact us today to bring a piece of Maui home with you! 

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      Scrimshaw Style Compass Paperweight

      Choosing the Right Unique Gift for Everyone on Your List

      When you walk through our doors, you’ll be welcomed with the marvels and natural history of Hawaii. Choosing the right gift for friends and family in your life can be difficult. Choosing unique gifts from Whaler’s Locker is only challenging because you won’t want to part with the items you pick!

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      Stingray Leather Clutch Wallet

      Finding the Best Stingray Wallets

      While some find one wallet and become so attached, we can’t bear to part with it; others of us settle with the same old wallet until it falls apart, out of habit. But once you’ve laid eyes on the unique wallet options found on the islands, you’ll never look at a wallet in the same way again. Dare to doubt us? Feast your eyes on our gorgeous collection of stingray wallets.

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      Dark Megalodon Tooth

      What is a Megalodon Tooth, and Why Do I Need One?

      Whether you’re Shark Week-obsessed or not, you’ve probably heard of the monster of all sharks: Megalodon, or “Meg.” Although it’s been extinct for millions of years, Megalodon is still very much alive and well for avid collectors of shark artifacts and memorabilia.

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      Small Baltic Amber Butterfly Pendant

      Everything You Need to Know About Baltic Amber

      There are so many different natural, organic substances out there, and many have unique qualities that could be beneficial to you! Some are energy-boosting and meant to be eaten, while others help with body aches but are intended to be used topically. One of our favorite substances is Baltic amber.

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