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      Although commonly grouped with larger-than-life sharks and ancient dinosaurs, the mosasaur is actually a large marine reptile. Whether you knew it or not, you’ve likely seen their massive skeletons in your local museum—but did you know many people collector mosasaur fossils? Whaler’s Locker has collected the best of the mosasaur fossils found around the world for you to add to your precious collections. 

      Mosasaur fossil teeth are hard to come by and are a prized piece for any rare fossil collector. At Whaler’s Locker, the fossils are first come, first served, so as soon as you see one you love, add it to your cart. Although they’re over 70 million years old, every mosasaur fossil is in grade-A condition. Purchase these beauties and get a closer look!

      People worldwide collector prehistoric fossils for countless reasons, whether they want to feel included in the vast history of our ocean and land or enjoy the thrill of searching for rare pieces. Adding a mosasaur fossil to the collection is a feat for any lover of rare artifacts, and whether you’re new to this hobby or an experienced pro, ours are always a score. 

      Bring home a piece of history with a mosasaur fossil today.