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      Amber Pendants

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      Baltic amber is naturally formed from the fossilized sap of conifer trees grown 40 to 60 million years ago. Many believe it has healing powers, while others adore its orange-red shine and stylish look. Whether you’re searching for a Baltic amber necklace to gift or the missing piece for your collection, fall in love with Earth’s natural beauty with the collection of Baltic amber pendants from Whaler’s Locker.

      With different warm hues to choose from, ranging from light, bright yellow to rich rust reds, our Baltic amber pendants are versatile. Browse different shapes and styles, including crosses, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and more, to find a Baltic amber necklace you’ll want to wear every day. Whaler’s Locker jewelry pieces are made with nothing but the best materials, from high-quality sterling silver to the Baltic amber. Complete the look by stringing your pendant on one of our stunning chains. 

      Baltic amber pendants aren’t just stylish—they’re believed to have incredible healing qualities. Did you know that when you wear amber, as it warms against your body, it’s thought to produce succinic acid that can reduce pain and inflammation? From anti-anxiety to pain relief, cultures around the world champion amber as helpful and beautiful jewelry to have on hand.

      Support your health and show off your style with a Baltic amber pendant today.